For as long as I can remember, I had always wanted to go on a foreign mission trip.  My very first one was in the summer of 2014 to Reynosa, Mexico.  For the next year, I spent as much time as I could here in Reynosa.  During the fall of 2015, after a week of bible study and breakfast with two teenagers, I began meeting with a group of teenage boys from “The Canal” for bible study.  For two years, these bible studies continued as I traveled back and forth between Alabama and Reynosa for school.  Then after graduating from nursing school in August 2017, I moved to Reynosa, Mexico.

I originally came to live at Big Heart Orphanage for a month or two while I looked for a place to live.  I’ve been here at Big Heart for six months now helping in any way I can (in the boys dorm, with groups, etc). While living here, I still go to “The Canal” to help with groups, for bible study every week, and for other various events and visits. I love helping with groups and translating.  

I, like everyone else here at Enviado Para Amar, want to put a focus on discipleship and education while continuing to help with all the other great work that’s being done here in Mexico.